Who will play better in the arena of Western style? The alleged Muslim brother Tariq Ramadan or form

Henda Ayari, a French feminist campaigner of Tunisian-Algerian origin, has filed a police complaint against Tariq Ramadan, an holder of an Oxford chair in Islamic studies financed by Qatar and grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Al-Banna, alleging she was raped. Ayari claims that the rape took place in 2012, at a time when she still was a fervent Salafist and admirer of Ramadan. Ramadan denies the accusation and will sue Ayari for defamation. We might never know the truth as Ayari has no evidence. What interests me here is a tangential aspect of the matter, which has to do with style. As a Muslim figure, Ramadan is controversial. He enjoys an international reputation as a Muslim re

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